Cloud-Based Platform for Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile Devices

Constituent Engagement Management solution that can be accessed wherever staff have internet

The Features Needed for Constituent Engagement Management

Respond to requests from a multitude of sources, easily assign work to the correct organization, track progress, and effectively communicate to all parties throughout; foreAction was built with the needs of elected officials in mind and includes the breadth of functions to get the job done.

Focus on getting the job done, not learning the tool

The user interface of foreAction is simple to use, simple to enter information, and behaves in a way that you expect it to. We work hard to make the right set of functionality available when you need it so you can focus on getting your job done.

The right combination of features and functionality

Available Out-of-the-box.

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Mobile App for Field Staff

Access assigned issues, update status, add notes or pictures from anywhere

With a full “offline mode”, the mobile app keeps working even outside of data network access. It automatically syncs when you are back online, bringing all information up-to-date.

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