Make Data Your Political Ally

foreAction is a political engagement software solution which helps elected officials leverage data to improve engagement, manage their constituency office and run successful, data-driven campaigns.

One system for all your data

Maintain all your valuable data in one easy-to-use system. And since foreAction is cloud-based, you can use it from anywhere.

Evidence based decisions

With foreAction you don’t need to rely on instinct alone. Use hard data in real time to guide your activities and decisions.

Informed engagement

Engage with your constituents on the issues that are most important to them. Target your communications and select the best method to reach them.

Case Management

Track and respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries, issues and requests from your constituents. Record all your interactions, capture essential data and speed outcomes for your constituents

Manage Cases With Ease

Open and assign new cases quickly. Record detailed notes and attach relevant documents.

Detailed Dashboards

Dashboards highlight open and closed cases and help workers prioritize and close cases quickly.

Case Reports

Generate detailed reports on your cases for better analysis and planning.

Easy to Customize

Create case categories tailored to your office, define intake templates, set up automatic email reminders

Harness Data to Connect and Engage

foreAction gives you a set of powerful tools to help you use data to boost your engagement efforts with constituents, volunteers, and supporters.

Create targeted walk and phone lists

Quickly create lists of people who share similar characteristics so you can target them with specific communications. Assign your lists to staff or volunteers to conduct outreach activities.

Tailor your message

Tailor your messages to the individuals or groups you want to reach. Align your messages with specific target groups to maximize your outreach efforts.

Collect data with targeted surveys

Collect and record data in real time as you engage with people on the issues they care about. Create surveys quickly and connect them to specific lists and outreach activities.

Select the right communication method

Create and execute outreach activities for different methods of engagement, such as email, phone and in-person. Select the most effective communication method to reach get the message out.

Simplified Constituent Management

Dynamic Constituent Profiles

Your constituents are real people with real opinions and concerns. foreAction lets you capture all the vital information about each of them and store it in one place for easy retrieval.

Flexible Tagging

Create a library of tags to categorize your constituents the way you want – based on activities, issues, interests, voter intentions and more. Apply tags to individuals and groups and build targeted lists quickly.

foreAction gives me the tools I need to use data more effectively to reach my constituents and engage with them on the issues they care about.

Rideau-Vanier Ward, Ottawa

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